Children in The 0-2 Community are aided by qualified Infant practitioners who promote a healthy range of language, physical, sensory and practical life opportunities. These key skills equate readily and comprehensively to the Early Years Foundation Stage Principles.

Specialist Montessori materials are often used to develop emerging senses, these are supplemented by good quality toys, treasure and heuristic play baskets alongside which we use sensorial/creative aspects of the Reggio Emillia approach to Art and a broad array of life skills and experiences.


Our staff give each child within the Community continuous opportunities to explore sound and use language. A high staff to child ratio and an intimate group of peers to converse and play with, increases child language and social development. Practioners talk, sing and play with all children developing a healthy bond that seeks to extend all children's language acquisition.


Sensory experience is built upon within the Community using a range of natural activities and materials that invite curiosity. We do not believe that children need masses of toys, as often these do not allow enough scope for the imagination, we provide children with a plethora of experiences initially using treasure baskets, mobiles, tactile activities (messy play) and music. Whilst babies learn by mouthing objects, small children learn by using their hands, as they grow they develop fascinations, often for placing items in order or in groups according to interest. We exploit these curiosities using developmentally appropriate heuristic activities, encouraging each child to discover and grow intellectually.