50 things to do before I turn 5

  1. make a mud pie
  2. blow bubbles
  3. fly a home made kite
  4. visit the seaside and feel sand between my toes
  5. play pooh sticks
  6. hold a rabbit
  7. bottle feed a lamb
  8. paint a master piece on a canvas and mount it on the wall
  9. go to the theatre to see a childrens production
  10. sing a song all the way through
  11. lay a table and make my own breakfast
  12. grow, cook and prepare fruit and vegetables
  13. bake a cake
  14. create a greetings card
  15. make a den
  16. grow a sunflower
  17. toast marshmallows over a fire
  18. go rock pooling
  19. rear chicks from eggs
  20. hatch some butterflies
  21. watch the life cycle of frogs
  22. walk in the woods
  23. go on a bike ride
  24. watch a sunset
  25. star gaze
  26. go on a steam train ride
  27. walk along the cracks in the pavement
  28. step on your shadow
  29. camp in the garden
  30. learn how to swing
  31. roll down a hill
  32. build a snowman and sledge in the snow
  33. spot a rainbow
  34. spin a coin
  35. make a festive decoration
  36. have a water fight
  37. hop on one leg
  38. go on a picnic
  39. dam up a stream
  40. catch sticklebacks
  41. taste snowflakes
  42. grow a bulb
  43. fly a paper aeroplane
  44. splash in a puddle
  45. blow a dandelion clock
  46. go fruit picking
  47. kick through a pile of autumn leaves
  48. read a book
  49. chalk a pavement picture
  50. learn how to swim