Children's House (2-5 yrs)


Our Children's House provides a stimulating and caring environment for children who are ready to leave our Infant community or home environment. We offer education and care for 46 weeks of the year and are open from 7.30 in the morning to 6.00 in the evening. Child education is guided by a team of qualified Montessori teachers most of whom are both Nursery and Primary school trained. Children also benefit hugely from enrichment to the standard 'Early Years Foundation Stage' in our fully equipped; forest school, art atelier and science lab.

We balance a holistic Montessori education with a healthy approach to outdoor life. We value parents as important educators and work in partnership with families and their children to optimise quality of life and learning. We foster the independence of each child, enabling them to construct their own learning within our Montessori prepared environment. We aim to nurture each child's potential so they may move on to school with confidence and a love of learning that will encompass their whole lives.

The Children's House benefits from many facilities, including fully equipped Montessori prepared classes, outside play areas, library, music space, outdoor theatre, edible kitchen garden, Reggio Emilia atellier and rooms fostering independence and community life. We pay regard to the foundation stage curriculum via the Montessori areas of development, including: practical life; sensorial; mathematics; language & literacy; and all aspects of cultural learning.