Our evolving outdoor environment

We encourage children here to spend a great deal of their time outside in the gardens and grounds; socialising, playing, exploring and learning, as well as taking part in our regular forest school sessions. We give the same attention to detail to our out door environment as we would for our inside learning areas.

When planning our outdoor environment we started by recalling our own childhood memories of play. We found these invariably took place outside; recollecting times given over to; day dreaming, imagination, industry and exploration, free from indoor rules and constraints.

We have used these recollections as our inspiration to ensure that children here have the same scope of experience. Consequently we have not re-created our indoor environment outside as with many other nurseries, but constantly strive to provide new areas that are exciting, imaginative and where possible natural & sensory. In this way we encourage children to live life adventurously, to explore, immerse and discover in ways that would be difficult or contrived inside.

We are fortunate in having an acre of gardens and grounds allowing for a rich variety of learning and play experiences:

  • sand & construction zone
  • safe stream and water exploration centre
  • mud kitchen
  • music making and story telling glade
  • kitchen gardens
  • bikes and trikes
  • wooded areas
  • garden theatre and lawn