Frequently Asked Questions

How many session should I book for my child?

We encourage a minimum of 2 sessions in our Infant Community and 3 sessions in the Children's House. This ensures continuity and allows your child to build friendships with other children and teachers. The School Community will operate full-time on a term basis.

Can my child have sessions at another early years provider?

We do not advocate this as it almost always causes confusion for your child; each early years provider has different ground rules.

Are you open all year?

We work 46 weeks of the year. This equates to the following holiday closures: 2 weeks at Christmas; 2 weeks and 1 day at Easter and two weeks at the end of August

Do you receive funding for 3-4 year olds?

We implement the fifteen hour universal offer, this is allocated as three hours each morning and afternoon session.

Is your food organic?

The fruit and vegetables we grow in our kitchen garden are fully organic. We make every effort to buy other produce from local suppliers but not all of this is organic.

Do you have a forest school?

Yes, we operate a forest school on-site and also provide Wednesday & Friday morning sessions at Castle Gardens, Malton.

Will my child use IT?

Yes, we start teaching to code from 2½ using a child-friendly robot and progress to more challenging and fun technology.

Do you run a holiday club?

Yes, we run an art summer school for our own children, leavers and their elder siblings. Our upper age limit is 8 years old.

Do you offer any other parent / child sessions?

We run our nurture enrichment sessions on Monday & Thursday mornings at Captain Barneys. Afternoon sessions coming in September 2018.