School Curriculum

The Montessori Primary curriculum is based on six overarching broad topics (The Great Lessons). These drive our cultural studies around which STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), language and arts are woven. The Great Lessons comprise: the formation of the universe, the emergence of life, the coming of peoples, the stories of language & number and the river of life (the human body).

Child progress is observed, analysed and mapped continuously; consequently we are a predominantly test free non competitive environment. Parents are kept informed of their children’s progress via our Parent portal.

The Great Lessons

Introduce each area as a story with associated learning materials. These promote lines of enquiry and research. Children select areas of study within each topic and present their work to the class, parents and friends.

Going Out

Is a key part of the Montessori Curriculum. Children are supported by our teaching collective in thei choice of curriculum linked field study. As children move up through our Primary school the organisational responsibilities and choices shift to the student with teacher involvement and presence fulfilling safeguarding purposes only.

We spend a great deal of time outside in the grounds and farther afield. Children study local and world biomes, the interdependencies and fundamental needs of peoples and animals. The study of Botany, zoology and ecology is also platformed via our woodland school programme and brought full circle with visits to the coast to focus on marine life.


Maria Montessori was first and foremost a scientist, she believed that all children should benefit from real experiences. We continue Montessori's legacy by offering big picture science study to all children in our fully equipped STEM lab. These early science opportunities ignite interests laying down pathways to life long passions.


Information and Communication Technology provide amazing tools and definitely enhance children's later understanding. We use a variety of ICT applications that dovetail with the Montessori philosophy of 'learning by doing'. We also know that ICT should be used responsibly, appreciating that its role is so much more than screen-based entertainment. When guided by our educators we ensure ICT enables your child's future.

The Studio

Our purpose built art studio offers all children the opportunity to be creative. We blend Montessori with the ecological values of the Reggio Emilia. The studio space is run by our resident artist who encourages an adventurous approach to art and design.