School (5-11+ yrs)

A continuation of Montessori education throughout the primary years. Offering a broad-based curriculum that connects children with the world meaningfully and is both child centred and comprehensive.

Children study the core subjects of mathematics, english and the sciences alongside a hands-on approach to humanties, art environmental science and technology.

Montessori primary school is predominantly a test-free environment. Children are constantly assessed, negating the need for examinations.

Our teaching staff are qualified to teach both Foundation and Primary years (3-11+). Most are university graduates, all are passionate educators who spend much of their time facilitating learning from outside the box. Whilst our school does not follow the National Curriculum, we do map each child's progress to the National Standards (2014) and EYFS.

Children work in classes of no more than twelve using the three year cycle.


  • 1st Year Foundation Age: 5 ~ 7
  • 2nd Year Exploration Age: 7 ~ 8
  • 3rd Year Application Age: 8 ~ 9

Each class is run by a single teacher and guide, this enables the teaching staff to really get to know every child and how they absorb learning. This knowledge reveals how best to facilitate new concepts. Montessori philosophy does not employ key stage testing or examinations, assessment is continous and unobtrusive. Only in the final years are children introduced to the exam format. Home work other than reading is not required until the final three terms, unless the 'child' wishes to conduct private study at home.

Upper Primary

  • 1st Year Foundation Age: 9 ~ 10
  • 2nd Year Exploration Age: 10 ~ 11
  • 3rd Year Application Age: 11+

Each year is vital and if the final year is missed, it robs the child of the refinement and mastery of higher skills as well as that important sense of completion.

How will you as parents know whether your child is achieving?

We use a very successful monitoring and recording system in our School and Children's House called 'My Montessori Child'. This enables you to keep a tab on your child's learning from week to week together with regular parent / student / teacher meetings that focus on progress and planning.