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Stevens Aero Indoor and Park Flyer Kits


Enter the world of micro / indoor flight with conventional R/C gear. The affordable, RC system used in Stevens Aero kits is easily transported to more advanced models, micro and parkfliers, as your skills develop. Stevens AeroModel offers indoor/backyard pylon and aerobatic models that make extensive use of the common flight pack so you won't have to purchase your electronics all over again when you are ready to move on.

Beginners will appreciate these affordable designs, simple single surface wing, low parts count, and self jigging fuselage that builds straight every time. The gentle handling models will not spin and stalls are always clean, predictable, and straight ahead. Slow speed, wide flight envelope, and forgiving handling keeps the new pilot from trouble and the low mass, durable, all balsa construction makes encounters with the ground a non-event. Should you find your model requires repair; damage is easily fixed at the field in seconds with thin CA glue.

Stevens Aero MudBug

The MudBug is overflowing with character and uses the same radio gear and motor as all other 'Diddle' kits. The quirky looks of this model is enhanced by the optional pair of #5 Trexler balloon wheels (not included in the kit).

£ 34.20

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