Woodland Nomads Activities

Malton Montessori School recognises the value of outdoor experiences and has made it it's mission to embrace the spirit of the forest school movement into the everyday lives of all children. It is well known that children who benefit from good outdoor experiences have a heightened sense of well being, self worth and confidence that ripples out positively, enhancing all areas of development and learning.

Our qualified forest school leaders seek to promote awe and wonder in respect of nature whilst allowing children to live their lives adventurously encouraging them to confront risk from a standpoint of safety and knowledge.

Operating from our 'base camp' in the grounds of Malton Montessori School, all Nomads will receive their initial woodland orientation and activities before venturing further afield. Parents are regularly invited to our woodland events including activity sessions and outdoor meals.

Children learn

  • confidence & independence
  • social skills
  • communication
  • motivation & concentration
  • practical outdoor skills
  • knowledge & understanding
  • responsibility & leadership
  • woodland safety & respect


  • woodland walks & trails
  • flora & fauna
  • shelter, den & bridge building
  • basic tool usage & willow weaving
  • exploring and collecting woodland materials for art
  • building safe fires & cooking (under supervision)
  • hide and seek games
  • creating clay sculptures & models